Driven by the desire to revolutionize the internet and by the belief that they can make a real impact on the Web3 industry, Torekko’s teams around the world are working day and night to design the games of tomorrow.
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Founders & Core team
Enzo Duflot (Co-Founder & CEO): After a stint in a Blockchain investment fund in 2018, Enzo became passionate about the field. He co-founded 2 companies with Victor. Ex-Hong Kong University.
Victor Keller (Co-Founder & CCO): In the cryptosphere since 2017, he co-founded Torekko. Serial entrepreneur, he also co-founded another internet start-up. He is passionate about skiing and sport. His interests include new technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence but also digital marketing. He has already participated in the creation of several dozen social network accounts combining over 150k followers.
Chitrasen Lallah Bagoban (Head of Technology): Ex-Senior IT Consultant, and software engineer for nearly a decade in the ecommerce, tourism and pharmaceutical, he is passionate about creating, developing, and managing new tech.
Hugo Besson (Business Development Executive): He is an alumnus of Juanita College in Pennsylvania and of IESEG Paris. He has participated in several NFT projects, notably as a Partner and Advisor. He is passionate about travel and Web3.
Arshad Kheeroo (Community Executive): His experience in community building, content creation and management, especially in web3 projects, has given him the necessary experience to be responsible for the Torekko community as well as for maintaining relations with our community