Romeo x Juliet

The RxJ collection

Torekko is proud to announce the release of our first NFT collection, in partnership with the Japanese animation studio Gonzo KK.
Torekko is currently launching the first officially licensed free mint, Romeo x Juliet, in collaboration with the Japanese animation studio Gonzo KK.
Based on the anime Romeo x Juliet (itself inspired by Shakespeare’s classic play) first aired in 2007, this official collection uses the same codes that made the series and the manga successful.
On the floating island of Neo Verona, Leontes Montague leads a bloody coup and murders all the members of ruling House Capulet. Only Lord Capulet’s young daughter, Juliet, can escape.
Juliet, now sixteen, fights against House Montague’s oppression as the masked vigilante “The Red Whirlwind”.
Juliet meets Romeo, Prince Montague’s son, and both fall deeply in love at first sight.

About the collection

The visuals of the NFTs were hand-drawn by the mangakas who worked on the conception of the anime. The licensed Japanese anime NFTs will speak to both manga fans and NFT collectors at the crossroads of two communities in which we are very involved.
But that’s not the only good news: this collection will be a free mint!
Both accessible and exclusive, RxJ is the first of a long series of partnerships that Torekko has been preparing for a year now.

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