Torekko's mission

Market Overview

Today it is possible to draw a sad first conclusion from the Web3 evolution: its technologies are badly used.
  • Cryptos are mostly seen as a financial asset, when they are not seen as a scam.
  • NFTs are seen as overpriced JPEGs, branded projects trying to sell an additional product, or are simply too hard to understand for most people.
  • Metaverse is rejected and it is hard to imagine this new technology succeeding in a number of years.
In spite of these misuses, there is a clear trend: we consume more and more digital assets.
Global digital asset management market was valued at USD 3.68 billion in 2021, and it is projected to attain a market value of USD 9.32 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 14.2% over the forecast period 2022–2028.
After having put prices on physical objects, human beings have put prices on services. A service is a service in which a person A makes a technical or intellectual capacity available to a person B, without transformation of material, but which gives rise to a transfer of monetary value.
But in the digital world, copy and paste has destroyed the very concept of putting a price on a service: why should a person spend a significant amount of time creating this famous technical or intellectual capacity in order to put it at the service of others if he knows that he will not be able to derive a monetary benefit from it?
This is where the main interest of blockchain lies. Yet today, we can see that the players in the field are struggling to offer real value behind their digital assets.

Torekko fixes these problems

By integrating licenses into its entertainment ecosystem, Torekko seeks out value where it already exists and makes it live over time by integrating it into the Web3. All this using the blockchain, which ensures its protection.


Torekko's two advantages are its unique licenses (intellectual property), and its highly advanced and robust technical capabilities in Web3 novelty development (reliability).
Torekko's teams develop the entertainment licenses of tomorrow, prioritizing the real value behind its collaborations.
We develop solutions whose watchword is reliability: a typical example is our new style of mint (Airdrop Mint), a world first in the field, allowing to secure a mint and make a scrupulous selection of holders.

Torekko's values :

  • Control
  • Authenticity
  • Creativity

Torekko's positioning

Torekko's positioning