General FAQ

1. What is Torekko?

Torekko is the first blockchain-based Web3 entertainment ecosystem, focusing on gaming & japanimation, incorporating and creating licenses.
Our main goal is to make blockchain accessible without imposing it.

2. What is Torekko DEWERS?

The branch that allocates Torekko resources to external partners to develop and scale.
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3. What is Torekko EXCHANGE?

Torekko EXCHANGE is the web3 exchange platform that allow users to buy and trade easily crypto-assets and NFTs.
An exchange is a widely used term in the field of blockchain and the web3. It is described as a website, a marketplace, where crypto-currencies can be bought and sold.
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4. What is Torekko PLAY?

Torekko PLAY is a Web3 Gaming platform that integrates Torekko games and licenses.
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5. Is the team doxxed?

Yes the team and advisors are fully doxed.
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6. Does Torekko have a token?

Yes, Torekko has launched its token, the TRK, in December 2020 on the BSC Binance Smart Chain.
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7. Where can I buy some TRK?

You can buy some TRK on PancakeSwap:

8. Why are there two TRK tokens on CMC?

The real TRK token is “TRK (New)”. The other one is no longer manage by Torekko after a conflict between the agency that launched the token and Torekko.
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9. Why is the exchange not accessible yet on the website?

The exchange will be launched soon. Stay tuned!
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